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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  January 17, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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how about the league top ranked defense. doing it again.
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the poise and the entire team. that it's going to find a way to win the football game late. ten of the broncos 13 wins this year, now including tonight. have come in games decided by 7 or fewer points. bottom line. when the game is on the line late, these guys find a way to get it done. >> what kind of peyton manning would we get this evening.
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>> . >> right there. hits him in stride. a huge game. fouler breaks free. down inside pittsburg territory. finally the broncos find. anderson in for the a hreult -l more comfortable. looking for a 7 point lead with a two point conversion. here it is. quick hitter to demaryious thomas. he's in. 20 to 13. two teams exchange a couple field goals. pwropb quos go onto get the win. 23 to 16. >> . a nice little salute there. to his father.
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>> >> it wasn't pretty. in fact. it was ugly. denver is just one win away. from going to the super bowl. >> . kept our poise. tkept kept grinding. that what the team has been about all year. >> talk about a strange game. the drops continuing. defensive coordinator. wade phillips survived a jarring hit on the sideline. how could we forget peyton manning's self-sack recovery. that went for a big play. >> . when it mattered most.
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>> manning smiles set said it all. he led the broncos koupb the field. to give to his mom. who saw her son play for the first time. she had been in prison for the last 17 years. >> that was insane. mom didn't put any pressure on me. i was excited she's here for the first game. >> this experience has been very uplifting. very out standing. >> very emotional. >> . the patriots are next. 17 meeting between peyton
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>> . the crowd went while. when the time ran out on the clock.
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the whole game was nail biting. to win at the end. go broncos. >> . i may not be able to hear my shroeus tomorrow. >> . even steeler fans paid their respect. >> we got beat by a better team today. >> . beat new england.
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>> . you might have to break out the sweater again. >> lucky sweater. >> . a big mile high salute for denver police officer. at the game today. he and his family were recognized on the field after the first quarter. he worked off duty at the broncos game. before he was hit by a car and critically injured. 13 months ago. >> . >> he does have a few more surgeries to go through. as he continues his recovery. still not clear on when he will be able to return to work. >> .
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they have one more time to beat. in order to play in the super bowl. we'll take a look at that match up. >> happening right now. homeowners are cleaning up after a truck crashes into two homes. in wheat ridge. officers tweeting out this image. you can see the suv backed into that residents. here's a closer look. the truck also hitting the house across the street. police tell us alcohol is
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>> they i shot the one. >> it was difficult to say the least. seeing how pat seu had complained about the neighbors dogs before. >> . yeah. >> even when she complained about them. she still helped them. >> during the summer i loved them. i would give them water. they were hot. >> . it's tough. for right after little teeny was killed. she picked her up and brought her here. to a tphaoefrb nearby vets off office. to be cremated. >> . saying good-bye to her. >> so.
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one recovering. after multiple wounds. o. >> . his ear torb torn up. but is doing well. tonight, pat and her family are aware. not just of your pets. but others. >> . traumatic. >> as you heard. her son did shoot and kill one of the dogs. the other dog was taken away by animal control. she does want to file charges tkpwepbs against her neighbors. she did report them before. >> . 3 american contractors are missing in iraq. the state department learned today a company filed a report about 3 of the staff going missing two days ago. a security official says the group of gunmen took them from an apartment in baghdad and carried them away in a convoy of vehicles. >> .
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authorities to find the workers.
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>> joins us now with the latest details. and his family tells us he was there treasure hunting. >> he was out in new mexico. by himself. nobody heard from him since january 4. he's now listed as missing. police try and figure out what happened. >> . randy and his dog are an adventurous pair. they are part of a group of treasure hunters. who go into the rocky mountains looking for a chest of gold. a millionaire says he hid.
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they found it amazing he wouldn't get discouraged after not finding the treasure. he truly believed he would find it. but really enjoyed the adventure. he went all the time. he hasn't come back from his latest trip. almost two weeks ago he set out in new mexico. for a treasure hunt. he parked his car at a popular reck area. and on friday, a search and rescue helicopter spotted the raft. nine miles downstream. >> a happy guy with a big smile. and a ready wit. and says the treasure hunting
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>> . you can find a link on >> . we wish them the best. >> . the weather cooperated nicely for the game today. >> sun was out. it wasn't overly cold. >> peyton manning doesn't do well below 40. and we were above that. the stadium 41. so right above the threrb hole. st.
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>> . especially east of the city and south. winds were breezy earlier on today. they set settled down. down to the five miles per hour area or so. aurora. looking calm. downtown and staple ton. but as you get further west, of downtown. we start to run into the breezy conditions -fpt winds five to 15 miles per hour. that will keep windchills down across the steut. into the over night. that's nothing compared to what the eastern facing slopes and the front range are contending with. 50 and 60 miles per hour winds.
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>> we hit the low 40s around the downtown area. conducive for the high temperatures this time of the year. at 38dia. 40 colorado springs. earlier this afternoon. we had 20s and 30s. across the high country. and we're backing down into the mid 20s. in the city. 33 around the airport right now. >> cool nine degrees. right now. in greeley. sterling 3. 12 fort collins. cooling down there. further you get south on i 25. starts to warm up a bit. >> >> that is now settling down. that is good news.
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earlier today. chain laws were in effect. a lot of accidents reported. that's now all beginning to calm down. although it could be a little slick. be careful over night tonight. if you have travel plans. around the mountains. meanwhile high pressure building in. that's keeping us quiet here
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>> wednesday and thursday. maybe late day snow wednesday into thursday morning. not expecting much accumulation. and after ward we set the stage for a great looking weekend. saturday and sunday skies full of sunshine. upper 40s and low 50s. >> perfect stage for the championship game. >> . ideal.
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women are waiting longer to become mothers. the average age of women having their first child is 26. >> economic factors play a role. increase number of women putting off mother hood for higher education. or their career. the kr-rbgts dc says having children later in life has ramifications for a pop
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real estate agents say instead of taking 2 or 3 years for the luxury home to sell. it took 45 days. buyers were able to put in the price they thought the home was worth.
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